THE GOOD WIFE, S6E9 ROUNDTABLE: ‘Stop banging the help’


By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

Alicia’s states attorney campaign is getting a mixed reception from viewers but at Binge Central, we are LOVING IT. Between Alicia’s campaign and the target on Cary’s back, this week’s episode took us through the entire spectrum of human emotions.



Anamika: Cary is facing 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and might get killed because of his association with drug kingpin Lemond Bishop but the thing that set him off was that the FBI agent who told him about the target on his back might be sleeping with his kind of/sort of/not really girlfriend. The human condition is an odd thing.

Cary was absolutely crazy for going to Bishop’s home alone. What exactly was he supposed to solve by going there? I was convinced that there was a trap in Bishop’s home or those Rat-A-Tat-Cat cards were laced with anthrax.

Side note: props to the writers for finally addressing the phone/call situation that has been bothering me since season 1.

David: YES to the phone/call discussion – and we had just talked about that, Anamika.

One of my favorite lines in the episode was Cary’s in a scene with Lana, Diane and another federal agent. “The next time you do this, don’t have the woman who is sleeping with my girlfriend break it to me.” BAM. Matt Czuchry is absolutely killing it this season, and I can’t get enough of it.

I also loved where they showed him envisioning having a gun to his head. I obviously don’t love the prospect of him dying, but it echoed Alicia’s similar visions she’s had throughout this season (re: Gloria Steinem, the focus group, etc.).


Anamika: “You want to get reelected? You want me to be elected? Then zip your pants, shut up and stop banging the help.” Raise your hand if you wanted to give Alicia a standing ovation after that line *raises both hands.*

Major props to Alicia for putting Peter in his place. BUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH FINN? We just get a vague hand-holding? Is this “Downton Abbey?”

David: If Alicia and Finn don’t sleep together soon I will legitimately freak out. COME ON, WRITERS.

Alicia and Peter reminiscing was sweet, if only it really was for political purposes. Her finding out about Ramona, as you alluded to with her “zip your pants” line, was so powerful and again showcased Julianna Margulies’s acting prowess.

I loved when Alicia opened the box after just moisturizing her hands – almost metaphoric to how she can’t stay away from the scandal of it all, no matter how much she tries to keep out of the life her husband dragged her into and she is now trying to conquer.

I’m loving her relationship with Prady, thought I doubt the campaign will totally stay clean, especially if another candidate(s) join the race (I’m looking at you, Wendy Scott-Carr). Also, outing someone via an ad? Pretty unethical.

I thought the whole concept of this episode framed by advertising was interesting, considering so much of the TV space now is dealing with how to make money from new ways of digital advertising. This show always gets pretty meta.



Anamika: I’m so confused about Kalinda. On one hand, I’m still scared for her life (what happened with the white card tracker thing she didn’t put in Lana’s wallet last week?). But also, what is she thinking in terms of Cary/Lana?

David: Don’t have much to say really besides WHAT ARE YOU DOING, KALINDA? WHAT IS YOUR END GAME? Is Lana the love of your life? Or Cary? Because both seem to be in pretty precarious circumstances.


Anamika: Oh hey Robin.

David: She was mentioned this episode! Once! She lives! Well, for now?

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