GREY’S ANATOMY, S11E8 RECAP: ‘We’re all a risk’


“Nobody’s memory is perfect or complete.” These words both open the “Grey’s Anatomy” winter finale and come toward the end. This show is certainly delving into its past this season, and as promised it really is the season of Meredith. Get your tissues ready, folks:

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy


Well, this was a tear-jerker. Stephanie awkwardly did April’s ultrasound because she’s suddently interested in fetal surgery and wanted practice. She noticed the baby sitting like a Buddha, as both April and Jackson referred to it. Stephanie also accidentally told April the sex – it’s a boy. But Stephanie thinks something is wrong with the baby – and she’s right. She double checks with Arizona and Herman, and it looks like the baby has a disease that makes it have fragile bones and will likely not survive long outside the womb. It’s heartbreaking, but no one has told April and Jackson yet.

April runs into Stephanie later and says it’s OK she broke the gender news, and Stephanie hugs her awkwardly. Stephanie sees Herman again later, who tells her she made a good catch on the scan. The word “Buddha” comes up and Jackson overhears, so he asks Stephanie what’s going on. Hello, cliffhanger. Something tells me there’s a fix here somewhere and maybe the baby will survive? But we’ll obviously have to wait and see.

April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy


Meanwhile, Arizona and Herman have their own problems. Herman is eating ice cream early in the morning and later has sex with Graham, trying to enjoy the rest of her life while she still can. She tells Arizona to stop stealing her orgasms. It takes Arizona time to realize this – Herman has no family, she’s divorced, but Arizona wants to know more details. She lies to one of Herman’s doctors and has scans sent over, saying she’s one of Amelia Shepherd’s fellows. Amelia gets to it first and wants to help, and later says she thinks she can take out the tumor.

Earlier, Arizona and Callie have a sweet moment amid all the chaos. They each feel like everything is going wrong.

Callie: You will figure it out.

Arizona: You will too…Do you miss me at all?

Callie: Of course.

Arizona: Just not enough.

Ehh, these two will get back together eventually.


Amelia opens up to Owen about her past, and he says “we’re all a risk.” The two bond over their past struggles. Could a romance be blooming here? The two discuss having people as support, and she offers to be there for him if he needs it. I like these two a lot together, actually.


Callie and Owen’s trial with the veterans is going well, until two best friend patients keep pushing each other (with Callie’s approval), only to have one fall and go into a coma post-surgery. Owen is angry and tells her she shouldn’t have pushed them so hard, but when Callie wants to step back from the program, he reminds her it was an accident – exactly the reinforcement she needs to get back into the project, just like her patient needed from his best friend to work hard at surviving. And he continues that goal and tries walking, despite his friend’s status in a bit of limbo (he woke up, but it’s unclear what will happen to him).


Jo gets jealous of Alex’s time with Meredith and Arizona crashing with them, but Alex reminds her the house is open just like when it was Meredith’s. This seems a bit backward from when he first got the house, but he’s right in that’s how it should be. Alex reassures her that him and Jo in bed are different than Meredith and him in bed. Can these two just get married already?


A patient with a root canal gone wrong (read: infection) had Meredith and Maggie butting heads with Derek, to the point Derek asks Richard for a second opinion. Basically, Derek wanted to work on the brain before Meredith and Maggie tackled their respective parts, but the Ellis Grey progeny went ahead anyway (the patient ended up fine). It was a Catch-22 according to Richard, and Maggie wanted to know how Richard sided with Derek, a step toward a potential reconciliation for the father/daughter pair. D’aw.

Not so much for MerDer, though. The special assistant to POTUS shows up pursuing Derek again for the brain mapping initiative, and he turns her down. But when the fighting with Meredith escalates again, he tells Meredith he “gave up everything” for her. Meredith then tells him to take the D.C. job, and he does (!) right then and there, and Meredith literally says for him to go that minute, and he walks away. The flashbacks ensue to moments throughout the series as well as Richard leaving Ellis, in a beautifully poignant call to Meredith’s past and how she got to where she is. We also get a loving Cristina moment. “He’s not the sun. You are” – one of her last moments of the series.

Meredith says, “The carousel never stops turning. You can’t get off.” UGH. THIS SHOW. I CRY. UNASHAMED.

And now we wait until Jan. 29. Is it January yet?

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