Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E8: “Going Postal”


By Mina Haq 

This week’s episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was all about the post office. Well, the United States Postal Service (USPS, or as they called it “Uspis”) to be more specific. As the gigglepig task force was put under more pressure to make big arrests, the detectives teamed up with USPS after uncovering a new lead connected to the postal service. Meanwhile, Amy struggled to quit smoking even with help from Terry, Holt and Gina, who all shared the stories of their own unique addictions.

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

When the team brings in a gigglepig dealer, they find an old USPS key that other gigglepig dealers also had on them, meaning they have to team up with USPS to figure out what these keys unlock. Unfortunately for Jake and Boyle, the USPS worker they meet with –Jack Danger (pronounced Dong-er and played by the always hilarious Ed Helms) – is the most condescending postal worker in the world, which I’m sure isn’t a very tough competition.

After making sure they know that postal workers are significantly more important than police officers when it comes to fighting crime, he finally tells them that the keys belong to out-of-service mailboxes. Jake, Boyle and Danger find a gigglepig supply in one of the mailboxes and almost catch a perp, but Danger sort of botches the chase. Despite him ruining the entire mission, Rosa tells Jake he has to find a way to work with Danger without making him angry since he’s an asset to the task force.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Back at the precinct, Amy is on edge to the point where she’s snapping at Holt (to everyone’s surprise and fear). She explains that she’s under a lot of pressure to quit smoking since the stress of hiding it from Teddy is getting to her, which is surprising because it was never really mentioned that Amy smoked at all. Her confession starts an interesting and hilarious chain of events involving Terry, Holt and Gina all trying to distract her from smoking while telling her the stories of their own weird addictions (Terry’s was food, Holt’s was betting on horse races and Gina’s was/probably still is shopping).

Working with Danger is getting to Jake, especially since Danger refuses to give Jake names of the city’s key collectors so he can’t advance his investigation. Of course, Jake and Boyle steal the list anyway and find the perp from earlier who got away and arrest him, much to the dismay of Rosa who specifically told Jake to work with USPS. When Danger finds out what happened he steals the case from Jake (since USPS is a federal agency they have that sort of power), meaning Jake has to apologize and endure Danger giving him a centuries-long explanation of USPS history, dating all the way back to the 1600s. Either way, it works and Danger gives them all the evidence, including a notebook that details a gigglepig shipment in an abandoned location. Rosa forgives Jake after the most concise apology in the world (for Rosa’s benefit) and they manage to catch all the dealers, which is a huge win for the task force and precinct (and USPS, I guess).

Amy also kind of wins when Holt finally tells her that she’s her own worst enemy and that she’s putting too much pressure on herself to be perfect even while quitting smoking, which is textbook Amy. I’m loving how the show is developing the mentor/mentee relationship between Holt and Amy in such an unconventional way, and how it still somehow maintains the same old heart as the plotlines get more and more absurd with each week.

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