Gracepoint S1E8: “I think I’m Dying”


By Lexie Schapitl 

In this week’s episode of “Gracepoint,” with Tom still missing, the search team continues to comb through the woods near where his bike was found. At the Miller’s, Owen can’t seem to comfort a crying Dillon, and Carver tells Ellie she should go home, calling her by her first name for the first time. Joe agrees, insisting that Dillon needs his mom, and the search team can take it from here. What seemed like minutes later, Paul finds Tom after he hears something in the trees.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Times

Carver once again questions Lars Pierson with no success, and then questions Tom in the hospital. Tom says he went looking for Pierson after he found his name and number in Ellie’s workbag, but got lost in the woods. He said he wanted to find “the person who might have killed my friend.” “I just wanted to help solve the case for Danny,” he says, and he wanted his mom back.

As Carver leaves the police station, Mark approaches him and asks about the investigation and Lars Pierson. “I just don’t want you wasting your time on the wrong guy when the guy you’re after could be right in front of us,” he says. Mark says that Paul has loved Beth since high school, and hates that the Solanos are a family. On top of that, he was seen going to a narcotics anonymous meeting. Carver looks into it and discovers that Paul once got into a bar fight with a congregant at his former church. When the police question Paul, he says he hasn’t taken anything in three years and 47 days, and that he had no reason to hurt Danny. But he also has no alibi for the night Danny died, so he is brought in for a DNA sample. Carver questions him about his relationship with Beth and his behavior after Danny’s death, but eventually lets him go.

Meanwhile, good old Renee Clemens is back in town. She shows up at the Gracepoint Journal looking for Owen, who is ignoring her calls, and Cathy sends her on her way. Then she goes to get a room at Gemma’s inn and is similarly DENIED, so she ends up sleeping in her car. Beth notices Renee while on a run one day, and asks if she can put her in touch with the mother of one of the girls who was killed in Rosemont. Beth meets Nina’s mom, hoping for answers that she doesn’t have. She tells Beth not to believe anything Carver says because he is the reason her daughter’s killer is still out there. Not exactly reassuring, but don’t worry, she adds, “maybe he’ll do better for you.” Then she explains that her days are an endless cycle of waking up, drinking, crying, taking sleeping pills and going to bed.

Mark and Chloe attempt to find normalcy by returning to work and school, respectively, but neither is particularly successful. Mark gets distracted on the job when he sees Danny’s face in the newspaper lying in the fireplace pile, and Chloe cries in class when she sees younger boys skateboarding outside. Mark leaves work and sees Chloe also leaving school on Dean’s motorcycle. Mark and Beth go looking for them, and find them in Dean’s uncle’s restaurant, Dean drumming on a plastic bucket and Chloe dancing to Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” I thought FOR SURE she was high, but I guess she’s just a bad dancer. Not that I should talk.

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Chloe says she “needed a break from being the dead kid’s sister,” so Mark and Beth take her bowling. Except this isn’t normal bowling; it’s weird five-pin bowling with a tiny little bowling ball. Nevertheless, it’s a very cute Solano family outing. The family is laughing and joking with each other when Mark calls Beth out for drinking a milkshake on top of their gluttonous bowling alley meal. Beth responds that the calcium is “for the baby,” a topic she has been avoiding like the plague for several episodes.

Cathy goes to Susan’s trailer and slides an envelope under her door. Susan takes the envelope and Danny’s skateboard to the Millers’ where she tells Tom she has been “looking after” the skateboard but thought that Tom should have it. Then she literally apparates into thin air and is gone by the time Joe makes it to the foyer.

Carver and Miller go to her trailer to arrest her, but she is at the Gracepoint Journal, where Cathy tells her she has been looking into “what everyone thought she did but could never prove,” and into Susan’s husband and children. Vince takes her dog, Archie, who she had left outside, and the police come in to arrest her. She seems rather calm about the arrest, but FREAKS OUT that her dog is gone. She refuses to cooperate with the police until she sees him. Meanwhile, Vince takes his gun and goes to shoot Archie, but changes his mind and gives him a treat instead.

Photo courtesy of David Tennant News

Tom calls Owen to ask if something deleted from a hard drive is “gone forever.” Owen says that an IT specialist can probably retrieve it, and this apparently troubles Tom. As Paul is out for an evening walk, he sees Tom smashing his computer and taking it apart.

The police receive a call that someone is inside the Harvey Ridge hut. Carver and Ellie go to the hut, and a chase ensues. As they pursue the perp, Carver collapses. Ellie stops to help him, and asks Carver what’s happening. Carver responds, “I think I’m dying,” and our guy gets away.


  1. With only two episodes left, I don’t think a new suspect will be introduced.
  2. Vince and Susan still seem like they have something to hide, but I wouldn’t write off Tom as completely innocent just yet either.
  3. With all the attention the police have given Paul the last few weeks, he almost seems like too obvious a choice now. I’ll be surprised if he ends up being our killer.

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