THE WALKING DEAD, S5E7 ROUNDTABLE: ‘I just wanted you to know I was here’


Well, we got a whole lot of nothing again on this week’s “The Walking Dead.” But next week looks like it’s going to be pivotal to the show’s fifth season direction, considering it’s the mid-season finale. Let’s break down this penultimate episode before the hiatus:

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David: Well, Gabriel looks pretty appalled much of this episode as the group starts breaking down the church for parts. “Are you gonna take the cross too?” He sheepishly asks. But then he not so sheepishly scratches his nails against the floor, and later uses a knife to break down the floorboards and escape (they barricade the church from walkers getting in). He later comes across a zombie, who he is about to kill (in a moment of “FINALLY”), but she’s wearing a cross, so he hesitates, and that’s all we get from him this episode. I literally said out loud “Oh, Jesus Christ” without even realizing what I was doing. Whooooops.

JOSH: Lolz to that reaction, David. But I definitely rolled my eyes when Gabriel couldn’t kill that walker because she might’ve been religious in her previous life. Gabriel is a fascinating character because he represents someone who has survived this long while never letting go of the world as it once was. That’s probably going to get him killed sooner or later. I’m more concerned that the hole he left in the church is somehow going to cause problems for Michonne, Carl and Judith. It better not.


David: Rick, Daryl, Noah (yes, that’s who Daryl brought back), Sasha and Tyrese go to save Beth and Carol from the hospital. Michonne, Carl and Judith stay back at the church. Michonne says to Rick, “We all owe Carol.” He feels he owes her more than the others, which is partially true considering he abandoned her. I don’t forget, Rick, I don’t forget.

The plan is to take a few cops hostage and trade them in for Carol and Beth, which works initially. Daryl has a close call with a zombie that was yelp-worthy (his fingers were practically in the zombie’s mouth), but he got out of it by ripping off its head. Casual. But it doesn’t work out because this is “The Walking Dead.”

JOSH: That fight between Daryl and that cop was pretty awesome, though I never really believed there was a chance of this show killing off Daryl. All the “Caryl” shippers would mutiny. But the most interesting thing to come out of that was the fact Daryl had to talk Rick down from killing that cop that had just tried to kill him. When Daryl is the level-headed one in the situation, you know times have changed. Rick listened to him, but only because he needed that cop for collateral. It looks like Rick and his new apocalypse beard are sticking with that kill-first attitude.

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David: Sasha is still broken up re: Bob (i.e. smashing church pews with an axe, seeking comfort from her brother). In fact, one of the cops they have taken is named Bob, which peaks Sasha’s attention. New Bob figures out Rick used to be a cop. Later, New Bob tricks Sasha and manages to knock her against a window, leaving her with her head bleeding (!), but poor marketing efforts by AMC reveal she’ll be in the next episode. So, thanks, but no thanks, to your cheesy cliffhanger.

JOSH: I blame Tyrese for this one. He spent all episode convincing Sasha to let go of her anger. The second she did that, New Bob took her out and ran away. Hopefully this will turn Tyrese into a fighter again. I’m sick of wimpy Tyrese.


David: Well, Tara was cute this week. She wrote the letters “GREATM” on water bottles for each of the group’s names. It would be more cute if Eugene was alive (which, actually, by episode’s end, it turns out he is after all). Maggie holds a gun on Abraham when he starts getting angry at Rosita. Maggie later tells him, “Get over yourself.” Tara, Glenn and Rosita bond finding supplies, and Tara finds a yo-yo. I hope somehow this yo-yo is the cure to this epidemic.

JOSH: That yo-yo better kill a zombie or two at some point. Tara was a fun presence in this episode, proving a little levity amidst so much suffering. We also got a little more of Rosita’s backstory, and Glenn at least seems believes she could be valuable to the group going forward. She asked him if he’d stick with them if Abraham is indeed insane, and she agreed. I like Rosita, and I still can’t believe she was Susie Crabgrass on “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.”

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David: A cop tells Dawn that Carol isn’t looking good and not worth the resources, despite Beth’s plea. Dawn gives Beth the key to the drug locker to save Carol anyway. Sketchy, right? Beth thinks so too, but Dawn says that she’s proven her wrong and that she isn’t weak. I still don’t buy it. She gets help from the doctor to figure out which drug to give her, and distracts others around for her to get the drug she needs and administer it to Carol. She stands over Carol and says, “I just wanted you to know I was here.” D’aw. Can’t wait for the mid-season finale – hoping it lives it up to the hype.

JOSH: At least we know Carol is going to be alive and stable when she needs to be moved next episode. Somehow I don’t see these two dying. Actually I can’t tell who we’re going to lose next week. Sasha seems like a good candidate, but then again I could see Tyrese going berserk and getting himself killed too. I guess we’ll find out next week.

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