Red Band Society S1E8: “Like Hilary Duff Taught Us”


By Rachel DeSantis 

This week’s “Red Band Society” was probably the first one that didn’t warrant a plethora of snarky and mocking comments (not that that will stop me from making them). With Charlie beginning to emerge from his coma (his eyes are open and he is responsive, but he still can’t talk or move), Dr. Mandy Moore and Nurse Jackson seize the opportunity to bring in world-renowned Dr. Naday, a choosy neurology specialist who only sees a very limited number of patients.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

However, the Dr. Naday that arrives at Ocean Park isn’t exactly what everyone expected. He’s weird. He’s like a large man-child who gives bear hugs and takes selfies with Charlie. He spends nearly all of his time with Charlie’s parents, singing songs on the guitar and playing random, irrelevant instruments like the maracas. Dr. McAndrew is convinced he’s an “arrogant charlatan” and wants him gone, but by the end of the episode, the staff seems to come around when Naday finally reveals his intentions. Since Charlie’s parents were so angry at each other and throwing blame around for the accident, why would Charlie want to come out of his coma? The whole time, Naday’s strategy has been to slowly bring the family back together through music so that Charlie can see his parents happy again, and will be more inclined to fight through.

Meanwhile, the gang knows that Charlie finally has vision again, so Leo, Emma, Jordi and Dash decide to go shopping to give him cool things to see (Yeah, that logic is weird to me, too). “Man, we’re showing Charlie what dreams are made of, like Hilary Duff taught us,” Dash says when they take a field trip downtown to get what they need. Wow these pop culture references are literally so random. Anyway, the whole dynamic is totally awkward because Jordi is still sad over Emma and doesn’t know how to be around her – ya know, because they had such a long, deep romance. The group decides that Charlie would like to see dogs and boobs, like any self-respecting teenage boy. The dog plan sort of fails because the pet store is out of dogs (I would think it’s because you probably have to be older than, like, 12 to buy a dog on your own, but whatever) and so they settle for an iguana.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Their next stop (and this is where it gets weird) is…a strip club. Not really sure what the intentions were here – were they going to take pictures of the strippers to shove in front of Charlie’s face? Were they going to bring a stripper back to the hospital with them to give Charlie a lap dance? Anyway, my questions are never answered because they all get rejected from the club for being underage. As they try to head home, their car is towed (of course it is) and so Dash and Leo, who aren’t feeling great, take the bus home, leaving ex-lovers (but not really) Jordi and Emma to walk home together with an approximately six foot gap between them the entire time. I have to say, Emma really is being kind of a bitch about the whole situation. Like come on, it’s not Jordi’s fault that he liked her and she rejected him.

Back at Ocean Park, the other teenage romance blossoming is Kara and Hunter’s. When Kara sees him talking to a blonde chick, she assumes it’s his girlfriend and goes a bit mental, enlisting the help of Nurse Taylor Swift to help her practice mindfulness because Oprah said so. However, it turns out the girl is really Hunter’s sister – and she’s there to give him half her liver. He refuses, eventually explaining to Kara that he once had a younger brother who died, and if something in his sister’s surgery to save him went wrong, he’d never be able to forgive himself. Nice to finally see some real emotion from these characters. And to think, it only took eight weeks! Eventually, the two of them find themselves on the roof and start making out while Hozier plays in the background. Really great music choice here. Something really haunting about hearing “There’s something tragic about you, something so magic about you,” knowing this budding romance is between two terminally ill teenagers.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Question of the Week:

Will they turn a Naday/Nurse Jackson romance into a thing? I really hope not.

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