Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E9: “Road Trip”


By Mina Haq 

This week “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was all about romance, fancy cheese and Rosa’s failing immune system. With Jake and Amy taking an impromptu couples weekend with their respective partners during a case, Boyle trying to teach Holt about the art behind food, and Terry and Gina attempting to deal with Rosa’s cold, the precinct was a complete mess as usual.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

When Jake and Amy find out they have to drive to upstate New York to pick up a prison transfer, Jake invites Sophia to the overnight trip for a romantic getaway at a bed and breakfast for them. If anyone’s worried about Amy being a weird third wheel, don’t worry, Jake was probably worried about that too, because he secretly invites Teddy as a surprise. When she finds out, Amy panics and informs Jake that she doesn’t want to see Teddy since she’s planning on breaking up with him.

However, she’s not prepared since her breakup speech is still being drafted and she doesn’t want to hurt him too much. Not only does Jake feel terrible, but he promises to do whatever it takes to remove any trace of romance between Amy and Teddy before the situation gets too messy. Since Sophia seems to be the coolest person ever (they had to make her pretty awesome in order for us to like her as Jake’s girlfriend despite the fact that she’s very much not Amy), she agrees to help over a very unromantic double date.

Back at the precinct, Holt recruits Boyle for help in making his husband Kevin’s anniversary breakfast. Since Boyle is actually insane when it comes to basic things like dairy products and bread, he makes Holt emotionally connect to some cubed cheese and when Holt can’t do that or make scrambled eggs with enough feeling, Boyle gives up on his captain as a chef. He then realizes that he may have ruined what could’ve been a budding mentorship between him and his Captain over cubed cheese.

Terry and Gina also take it upon themselves to cure Rosa of what must be the common cold, since she’s refusing to help herself and will do anything it takes to get the name of a gigglepig supplier from a perp in the interrogation room. Since Gina is such a hero, she locks a medicated Rosa in a closet, where Rosa proceeds to sleep for 10 hours straight.

Photo courtesy of We Got This Covered

At the B&B, Jake and Sophia are trying and failing at subtly stripping all the romance from Teddy and Amy’s already unromantic relationship during dinner. In the middle of their subpar performance, Amy spazzes out and screams that she wants to break up with Teddy. Since Teddy is the most boring person on the face of the earth (as Amy tells him), he doesn’t react much until he realizes he’s with Jake. He then accuses Jake of being the real problem for distracting Amy since she’s always secretly liked him. Jake has the worst poker face in the world and Amy is an awful liar, so it’s clear they’re both still very interested in each other and Sophia and Teddy both excuse themselves.

Ideally this would be where Jake and Amy just decide to go for it and make things official, but that’s not exactly an option on this show yet. So, Jake makes things right with Sophia while Amy is left to deal with the admission of her feelings (if you can count “Maybe… I don’t know” as an admission of feelings).

By the end, Holt and Boyle mend their broken relationship when Holt realizes that food really can tell a story and makes a sentimental breakfast for Kevin, leaving Boyle very proud. Rosa also thanks Terry and Gina after a fit of rage for forcing her to take care of herself, and she even gives them a genuine/purely accidental smile. Even Jake and Amy reduce the awkwardness on the car ride back to the city, where Jake reassures her that he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore but he won’t miss any opportunities to bring up her “former” (the air quotes were probably implied) feelings for him, meaning everything is back to normal.

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