ONCE UPON A TIME, S4E9 ROUNDTABLE: ‘You’re more than heroes, you’re leaders’


By David Oliver and Josh Axelrod

It’s finally happening: The spell of shattered sight looms over the town as sundown approaches. This is primarily a filler episode, tying up loose ends before the curse actually happens, but it’s actually really important information and plot developments and leads to one huge reunion we’ve all been waiting for. Seal yourselves in a vault before reading, unless you want to be cursed (half-joking):


Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly


DAVID: OK, so Anna and Kristoff get un-frozen, which we later find out is 30 years later (hmm, I wonder why). But that means Hans is too, as Elsa’s gone and therefore so are her spells. “And I sang with you,” Anna says, which is another awesome little tidbit the show threw in referencing “Frozen.” The best part? It really doesn’t feel that gimmicky.

Anna and Kristoff escape Hans and company’s clutches and head to a pirate ship, where they try to get the wishing star, only to be beaten to the punch by Hans and get trapped in a chest and thrown into the ocean. But more on that later…

JOSH: Elizabeth Lail better be up for best guest actress at the 2015 Emmy’s. You couldn’t have found a better live action Anna than her. She nails her awkwardness, inner strength and emotional sincerity. Plus, she can sell lines like the one David mentioned and not make them super cheesy. If she can sing, I hope she gets cast in the Broadway version of “Frozen.”

The whole thing with Black Beard was kind of silly, but it served the plot. But more importantly, this is the most we’ve seen Anna with Kristoff this season. It’s not like “Once” had to sell their relationship beyond the movie, but it was nice to see them be a power couple again. And now they’re in Storybrooke! Yay!


Photo courtesy of IGN 

DAVID: Regina trying to remember Robin with love in his eyes might have been one of the more underrated moments of the episode – Regina really has changed. She tells Emma and her parents, “You’re more than heroes, you’re leaders” when trying to figure out how to stop the spell of shattered sight from destroying the town.

JOSH: Thank god the show has gone all in on Regina and Robin as a “couple.” I put that in quotes because if Anna and Kristoff defrosted, I assume Marianne did as well. That’s going to be awkward once this spell passes. Don’t be dumb Robin. Give Regina the happy ending she deserves.




DAVID: What is Rumple’s endgame exactly? He wants to have all the power and he wants Belle, but can he really have both? And how many more things is he going to make Hook do? I was terrified Emma was going to walk in on him wreaking havoc on the fairies Granny’s. I’m glad she didn’t, but that doesn’t change what happened, even if he’s being controlled by Rumple. Something tells me this will work out, but this show is not one that fears pushing the boundaries or throwing in unexpected curveballs.


JOSH: I hate Rumple now. The Snow Queen is crazy, but Rumple is just pure evil. Sure, I guess it was nice that he decided to save his wife and grandson from the curse. But he’s willing to sacrifice his daughter-in-law and everyone else in the town to get what he wants. Of course, once he’s free from the dagger and Storybrooke, where’s he going to go?


And I’m with you David on Hook. If Emma had walked in on him imprisoning the fairies, it would’ve been heartbreaking. They’ve spent all season building up the Emma/Hook relationship. If they’re going to tear it apart, and it can’t be because of something Hook can’t control. That’s just not fair.




Photo courtesy of Fan Pop


DAVID: The two blonde magic people (yes, that’s a technical term, and I’m not including The Snow Queen/Ingrid because she’s crazy-pants) learn from Belle that a strand of hair from someone previously under the spell of shattered sight could help undue the curse – aka Anna. It turns out Anna’s necklace will actually be enough to stop it, but there’s a catch: if they use the necklace, it will be destroyed and Elsa will have no way of finding Anna.


Elsa dupes Emma and takes the necklace down to the mines, following the brightness of the necklace in hopes of finding Anna. The fairies and Belle tell Emma and Co. at Granny’s it’s too late since they don’t have the necklace, but Emma goes down to the mines to help Elsa find Anna. It turns out the mines lead to the beach. The wishing star stops glowing and Elsa fears the worst, but we cut to Anna start saying her vows to Kristoff, thinking the end is near, when Elsa wishes Anna were there. The chest rises to the top of the ocean in a whirlpool magic-like sequence. It turns out the necklace itself was the wishing star, and only works with those with pure hearts. Interesting tidbit: The bottle Elsa and Anna’s parents left behind? This also rose to the top of the ocean (Anna and Kristoff were thrown off at the same spot her parents were lost at sea). BUT WHAT IS INSIDE IT?!


Emma locks her family in jail but takes the baby, and Kristoff is handcuffed to a desk. Anna is immune to the curse in addition to Elsa and Emma, since she’s been cursed with it before. Hook goes to see Emma one more time and the two kiss – why can’t true love break this spell? I guess him having a heart might help that or something. Sometimes magic feels inconvenient on this series.


We get a montage of everyone prepping for the curse, and Snow and Charming vowing to love each other no matter what. But when the curse hits, the final moments of the episode are silent, with the two looking at each other in disgust and letting go of their hands. EEEEP. Is it next Sunday yet?


JOSH: The Charmings have been quite useless this season. I can’t think of one important thing they’ve done, besides Charming almost dying at least twice this season (again, he’s always getting hurt). At least this time they were smart enough to lock themselves away from Emma and Neal. That look on their faces though when the spell hit was pretty ominous though. And based on the preview, it looks like we’re going to get Evil Snow White versus Evil Queen next week. Seriously, is it Sunday yet?


Anna and Elsa’s reunion was long overdue and it was beautiful. Thank god the curse can’t affect them again. It’s going to suck to see Kristoff say nasty things about Anna next week, but at least the sisters won’t be at each other’s throats again. And I don’t want to see Hook hating Emma. Ugh next episode is going to be profoundly depressing.




DAVID: Emma references the dragon killed in the mines…but something tells me that dragon isn’t dead after all, unless we’re in for another time warp.


JOSH: I must’ve missed that. Well however they leave things after The Snow Queen’s arc wraps up, it looks like we’ll be getting Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and Ursula for the second half of the season. That’s going to be magical.


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