The Flash S1E8: “I Want That Arrow Out of My City”


By Mina Haq

Okay, this week’s crossover episode of “The Flash” was the most loaded hour of television I have ever watched, so just bear with me here. Not only did it feature a very significant appearance from Team Arrow, but Barry became the bad guy and essentially ruined everyone’s lives for a bit thanks to the effects of a meta-human and Oliver had to fight him (hence the title “Flash vs. Arrow”). Oh, and Eddie now has an agenda against the Flash and wants to take him down with a task force.

Photo courtesy of We Got This Covered

The meta-human this week was very creatively named Roy G. Bivolo, who can induce anger in his victims by making them see the color red after they look into his creepy glowing eyes. He’s obviously wreaking havoc all across Central City and making everyone fight so that he can get his business done (which involves stealing $500K from the bank). The S.T.A.R. Labs team gets Barry on it right away, but in the middle of their fight the Arrow shows up and helps Barry get the job done.

Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are in town trying to work a homicide case using a boomerang that had traces of iron oxide on it, and since Central City has the highest concentration of iron oxide they end up there. Barry suggests they team up, which Felicity agrees to but Oliver rejects at first. Diggle is just too stupefied by Barry’s super speed to say anything besides “he’s fast” (Side note: Diggle had the best line of the night tonight when he said, “How fast do you think he goes to the bathroom after he eats something?”).

Despite his refusal to team up (his reasoning to Felicity was that Barry doesn’t really want his help), Oliver still trains Barry and tries to teach him discipline on the side. However, Wells and Joe remain extremely wary of the Arrow and tell Barry that he shouldn’t trust him since his methods are “brutal,” but both Barry and Felicity defend him and his identity. When Barry suddenly refuses Oliver’s help and goes to fight Bivolo alone, he makes eye contact with him and the pent up, irrational rage starts to hit him slowly.

Photo courtesy of USA Today

Barry begins to take his rage out on everyone around him, including Oliver (who he accuses of being jealous), Joe, Caitlin, and most importantly, Eddie. Since Eddie has a new vendetta against the Flash, he’s frustrated to learn about the Flash’s and Iris’s secret rendezvous (which are getting more cheesy and now just feature Iris breathing heavily while the Flash tries out new pickup lines). Barry’s rage hits its peak when he grabs Eddie out of a moving vehicle and tries to fight him.

Fortunately, Felicity tracks his location and Oliver intervenes before Barry can do too much damage. This leads to the most interesting fight I’ve seen on the show yet. Barry has all the passion, rage and speed he thinks he needs but it’s still just barely a match for Oliver’s experience, knowledge and skill. They fight until Wells and Joe show up in a van that displays a colorful light spectrum for Barry that reverses the meta-human’s effects on him, leading to what Cisco refers to as a tie. Barry apologizes to Oliver and they team up to capture Bivolo, locking him up in the meta-human prison.

Oliver gives the S.T.A.R. Labs team a pretty intense lecture about not revealing his identity while Felicity asks Caitlin to (warning, some “Arrow” spoilers ahead!) break down DNA from Sara Lance’s murder. Wells then pulls Oliver aside and gives him the “your father would be proud” speech. Oliver then tells Felicity and Diggle about how something is “off” about Wells, meaning he is the first person to notice the most obvious thing in the entire world.

Photo courtesy of TV Fanatic

At the coffee shop, more drama goes down when Eddie tells Iris about how his anti-Flash task force was approved, and Iris officially cuts off the Flash for good. Oliver and Felicity then enter and Barry apologizes one more time for his actions. Oliver offers Barry a shoulder to cry on before giving him some tough love about Iris, saying that “guys like us don’t get the girl” before they both wistfully look at their respective non-girlfriends. This is right before (more “Arrow” spoilers) the actual mother of Oliver’s child enters the coffee shop and they have a cryptic and ominous exchange (like I said, the episode was loaded).

As if that wasn’t enough, the last scene shows Caitlin looking at pictures of her and Ronnie before switching to a very much alive Ronnie Raymond looking super unkempt and using his fire powers on some street criminals. Even though the episode was a lot to take in, it was one of the best of the season so far and the dynamic between Team Arrow and Team Flash (is that the official name?) keeps getting more and more entertaining. I’m looking forward to the next crossover already.

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