Red Band Society S1E10: What I Do For Love


By Rachel DeSantis

This week’s “Red Band Society” was the midseason finale – so OF COURSE they torture us (as most shows do) with a cliffhanger that, for the first time all season, made me actually want to tune in to the next episode.

Photo courtesy of Hypbable

Photo courtesy of Hypbable

In this episode, we learn that the kids do, in fact, have parents. As Emma is released from the hospital (and her red band is symbolically swept away by a janitor), we learn that she does indeed have parents, and a sister, too, but life in suburbia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Emma’s mom, who hadn’t visited her daughter in over three weeks, kind of sucks. She’s not sympathetic to Emma whatsoever, despite the fact that it’s revealed her own mother also suffered from anorexia.

“Anorexia is a disease, just like alcoholism. It has a genetic component,” Emma tries to tell her parents, but still, they don’t seem sold and keep insisting she “just try.” Ugh. Poor Emma.

Meanwhile, back at Ocean Park, a lovesick Leo is basically stalking Emma because he misses her so much. Kara gets her own form of heartbreak when she learns that Hunter will head home while he waits for an available kidney.

She storms out of the hospital for a day of escape (because apparently you can do that here), and Leo joins her. First, they stop at her old high school to spy on a football practice featuring her old cheerleading squad.

“We’re watching the world spin madly on without us,” she tells Leo, and finally seeing these characters out of the hospital setting, it becomes easier to see that they are just high school students under unfortunate circumstances, making the whole scene pretty sad.

While Kara is gone, Hunter gets the exciting news that he will stay in the hospital after all, because a liver has been found for him. I have to admit, I got some serious happy feels during his celebratory announcement.

Jordi, who can’t afford his emancipation fees and therefore can’t have the surgery he wants, turns to selling drugs to pay for it. Guess once Emma left, they couldn’t drag on the Jordi-still-loves-Emma storyline any longer. Phew.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Meanwhile, things are heating up between the adults at Ocean Park, too.

Dr. Naday and Nurse Jackson totally have a thing going on, and Naday keeps dropping subtle hints that he’s single and ready to mingle. For example, he tells her, “I’m single.” Ultimately, despite a kiss right in front of Charlie (you guys do know he can see now, right?) she turns him down because “she’s too busy.” Booooooo.

And after Nurse Taylor Swift and Dr. McAndrew’s one night stand, things aren’t too great between them, either.

“I thought he liked me,” NTS mopes in true Taylor Swift fashion. But Dr. McAndrew isn’t having any of her silly feelings.

“Either get over it, or get out,” he says. Way harsh, Tai.

Eventually, Kara and Leo make their way back to the hospital. Leo, still heartbroken over Emma leaving, attempts to give Kara a pep talk to help her through Hunter leaving, when all of a sudden, THEY START MAKING OUT. My jaw hits the ground, Leo’s pants hit the floor, and wow I gotta say, I didn’t really see this coming. Interesting to see what will happen when Kara finds out Hunter didn’t actually leave.

Happy birthday courtesy of Hypable

Happy birthday courtesy of Hypable

And back at Emma’s house, she’s turned back to her bulimic ways after a disastrous family dinner, thanks to her crappy parents. She calls Leo in a state of panic, but he doesn’t answer (‘cause he’s making out with Kara…yikes) and eventually, Emma’s dad enters her bathroom to find her passed out on the floor. And with that, the episode ends.

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