Gracepoint S1E9: “We’re Running Out of Time


By Lexie Schapitl 

This week’s episode of “Gracepoint” was the penultimate, so there is only one episode left to solve Danny’s murder and tie up all the loose ends. Time is running out for Carver and Miller, and not just because the show is ending. After Carver’s collapse last week, he can’t keep his heart condition a secret anymore. As soon as the chief of police sees his medical records, he’s done. He has 24 hours to solve the case before he’s fired.

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

This week focused on the saga of Susan and Vince, also known as the resident creepy woman and the guy who consistently wears wifebeaters. Susan refuses to talk until she sees Archie, but when Ellie threatens to arrest her for obstruction of a murder investigation, she caves. She says she was walking Archie up on the ridge in the middle of the night when she noticed Danny’s body down on the beach. She went down to the beach and had a few cigarettes, looking at him for a while. “He was beautiful,” she says. Susan isn’t very eager to help the police. She doesn’t trust cops because they “destroyed her family.” When Ellie tells her, “Maybe I care about people more than the other cops you’ve dealt with,” Susan reveals how.

Susan’s husband used to sexually molest their older daughter. When he tried to do the same to their younger daughter, the older one stepped in to defend her, so their father killed her and told Susan she had run off with a boyfriend. Susan had no idea until her body was found buried in the woods, and her husband told police she knew the whole time. Susan was pregnant at the time, so her younger daughter and unborn son were taken from her, and her husband hanged himself in prison, leaving her no family at all. After such an emotionally traumatic experience, I can finally understand why she’s been so creepy this entire season. Sort of. She tells Ellie she was looking at Danny’s body wondering if her daughter looked as peaceful as he did.

But her story still doesn’t add up completely. She couldn’t have possibly seen the body from the ridge. Now she says she was down on the beach when she saw a boat come in and a person drag a body out of the boat onto the beach. Who was it? Vince, Mark’s assistant. But why would Susan lie about this in the first place? Why would she want to protect Vince?

BECAUSE HE IS HER SON! HE WAS HER BABY THAT WAS TAKEN AWAY BY SOCIAL SERVICES! She may have lied to protect him, but she also ratted to protect him. “I can see how angry he is, and I’m scared,” she says. “It’s clear just looking at him that boy is his father’s son.”

Vince, who has been brought in for questioning, says “that bitch is insane,” and didn’t even know he was adopted. When Carver shows Vince the articles about Susan, he cries as he reads them. It was a really sad moment.

The police let Susan go, but keep Vince, who is looking increasingly suspicious. Susan saw him on the beach, Mark doesn’t pay him well, he had Danny’s name tattooed on his arm, footprints his size were found in the Harvey Ridge hut, and Dean says he used to take Danny hunting, which was news to Danny’s parents. Susan asks to see him before she goes. He begs her to tell the police she made a mistake. She asks him to be sweet to her because he’s her son, and she’s so lonely. Then he grabs her face and says he is going to slit her dog’s throat and come after her. THAT escalated quickly. Susan, hysterical, tells Vince he is just like his father.

Photo courtesy of Three If By Space

This episode also sheds some light on Carver’s past. Renee returns (groan) and tells Owen about Carver’s medical condition. Owen agrees to keep it hush-hush in exchange for an exclusive interview with Carver. They want to know what went wrong in Rosemont. Carver says they knew they had the right guy, but all their evidence was circumstantial, until they found a pendant belonging to one of the girls in the defendant’s car. This was their smoking gun; the case was as good as closed. But the detective who had bagged the pendant stopped at a hotel for a drink on the way back to the station. The detective’s car was then broken into, and the pendant was taken in the robbery. Why would this detective stop for a drink with such a vital piece of evidence in her hands? She was having an affair. Carver had let everyone believe it was him who lost the evidence because the detective was his wife.

Tom asks Paul to give him his computer back, which Paul won’t do. Paul tells Tom he will have to hand the computer over to the police if he doesn’t tell him why he was destroying it. But if he does, Tom threatens to tell the police Paul hit Danny on a camping trip. Whether or not this actually happened remains to be seen. Paul gives Carver the computer, and tells him about Tom’s threat. He also says Tom and Danny had drifted recently.

Beth goes to Paul for advice because she is still worried about bringing a baby into her broken family. This upsets Mark, who believes Paul is trying to break them up. Beth tells Mark that she loves him and doesn’t care about Paul, but needs help because she wants their marriage to be okay.

The police learn that the call they had received about the Harvey Ridge hut last week actually came from Danny’s missing cellphone.

The episode ends with Ellie’s sister Sarah revealing that she saw something the night Danny was killed, in exchange for a $1,000 check from her sister. Sarah claims she saw someone carrying something heavy, wrapped in a tarp, near a Solano plumbing van. She says she doesn’t know who was driving, but Ellie sure does.

My FINAL (!!) predictions:

  1. Sarah’s tip is bogus. She’s desperate for money and would say anything to get it.
  2. Vince did in fact kill Danny.
  3. Tom had secretly been cyberbullying Danny and destroyed his computer to get rid of the incriminating evidence.

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