ONCE UPON A TIME, S4E10 ROUNDTABLE: ‘I want to watch you bleed’


By Josh Axelrod and David Oliver 

For a storyline that spent all season shaking things up in Storybrooke, the Snow Queen’s final curse ended pretty tidily. As usual, love conquered all. Though in a refreshing twist, The Snow Queen reformed herself just in time to make a big sacrifice to save her “sisters” and the entire town. Let’s cast our recap spell:

The Snow Queen/Ingrid (Elizabeth Mitchell), “Once Upon a Time,” photo courtesy http://www.oncepodcast.com

Emma/Elsa/The Snow Queen 

JOSH: Okay, so here’s what went down. Emma and Elsa weren’t able to use their magic on Ingrid at first because of the love spell in those ribbons that showed up on Emma and Elsa’s wrists. They had to infuse those ribbons with pure hate in the form of the return of Evil Queen Regina to counteract the curse. Right as Emma and Elsa were about to fight The Snow Queen, Anna showed up with the message in the bottle from Gerda, Anna’s mother, that she wrote before she was shipwrecked. They instructed Anna and Elsa to restore Arendelle’s memories of Helga and Ingrid.

Ingrid felt the love and realized that Storybrooke didn’t deserve to go out like this. The only way to break the spell was for her to kill herself, which she did, saying that she finally found the family happiness she had desired since Helga’s death. Which I mean, was beautiful and selfless but…she caused this whole mess in the first place! Are we supposed to feel bad for her and like her after this noble sacrifice? I like the direction it took, but at the same time if they were going for empathy, no dice with me.

DAVID: Ehh, I kind of felt the empathy. Ingrid just wanted to be loved, dammit, and she really did get to feel that sisterly love after all. Not that I actually think suicide is the answer to anything, ever, but this is a TV show about fairy tales so there has to be a bit of suspending disbelief.

I knew that note in the bottle was important – I’m glad it didn’t disappoint.

Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), “Once Upon a Time,” GIF courtesy http://www.glee.wikia.com


JOSH: This hurt. Anna wasn’t affected by the Spell of Shattered Sight because it had been used on her before, but Kristoff was. He said a lot of hurtful things to Anna, which she was able to brush off because she knew he was cursed. But after seeing their love story play out in “Frozen,” it was still sad to see Arendelle’s favorite couple fight like this. Also, Charming had a point: Why does Kristoff think that selling ice is a lucrative idea?

DAVID: I wish they explored Anna and Kristoff’s relationship a bit more, though I know that wasn’t really the central plot to this arc. But hey, here’s hoping for some guest appearances.


JOSH: Regina chased Emma out of her vault, but wound up at the police station where Snow and Charming were bickering like they did when they first met. Regina, having reverted back to being The Evil Queen, decided it was time to finish off Snow once and for all. The two had a silly sword fight and traded amusing barbs, and luckily the spell wore off before the two hurt each other. When the spell lifted, Regina and Snow took one look at Regina’s ridiculous Evil Queen outfit and burst out laughing.

It was kind of disheartening to see all the work that had been done turning Regina into a hero undone in one episode, but knowing that it was temporary made her return as The Evil Queen all the more fun. And seeing Charming and Snow be something other than wholesome and milquetoast was equally amusing. Snow even went as far to remind everyone that she was a killer. It was the best material those two had to work with all season.

DAVID: Honestly, I was kind of hoping that there would be a bigger twist where these characters really had to confront their worst selves even after the curse was over – like the hurtful things said to one another simply didn’t just not matter. Because although it’s their “worst selves,” it’s still a part of them. Just something to think about.

Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Regina (Lana Parrilla), “Once Upon a Time,” photo courtesy http://www.ibtimes.com


JOSH: With The Snow Queen gone, the real threat is still Rumple. He has Belle, but needed Hook to retrieve Henry. Henry escaped Hook and found Emma before Rumple could get him. Now that The Snow Queen’s curse has been broken, Rumple plans to cleave himself of the dagger, kill Hook and take Belle and Henry out of Storybrooke to…umm…conquer the world.

It seems like Rumple has his sights set on becoming king of the planet earth, to which I say good luck. Even his magic can’t take down an entire army. But he still controls Hook’s heart and has Belle under some spell, so he needs to be stopped. We’re also supposed to meet Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella de Vil next week, so it’s going to be interesting to see how those three relate to Rumple’s plans.

DAVID: I really can’t wait for some new (and returning, Hi, Maleficent) villains. I love the split season angle the show has going for it right now and hope the momentum keeps building and raising characters’ stakes. And frankly, I wouldn’t mind if Rumple got killed off, to be honest.

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