Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E10: “From Ray to Z”


By Mina Haq 

The Pontiac Bandit, or the man otherwise known as Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), returned to make life miserable for Jake this week while Amy struggled with Holt’s no gift policy. Gina and Boyle were left to deal with their parents’ unlikely but growing relationship (and by “dealt with” I mean completely sabotage) and Rosa still dedicated all of her time to the gigglepig task force.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

The holidays are definitely near in the Nine-Nine, as Jake catches Doug Judy (who, for some reason, can only be addressed by his full name) while undercover as Santa Claus and lights a Christmas tree on fire in the process of arresting him. For anyone who doesn’t remember, The Pontiac Bandit was a car thief (guess what kind of car he specialized in?) who escaped from Jake the last time they met after pretending to help the precinct.

When Jake catches him this time he fully intends to not let him go, despite the fact that Holt promises Doug Judy that he’ll spend less time in jail if he gives them the name of whoever is running the gigglepig operation. Obviously, Doug Judy agrees, but Jake makes it known that he’ll be spending every waking moment around Doug Judy so that he doesn’t slip through their fingers as he gets them some face time with gigglepig boss Tito Ruiz.

Meanwhile, Gina and Boyle are going through something pretty traumatic. Boyle found a present from his dad addressed to Gina’s mom, meaning their relationship is getting pretty serious. This is Gina and Boyle’s worst nightmare, so they strategically unwrap it and see that it’s a digital scale. Since no one on earth would ever be excited about that sort of gift, so they figure the relationship is doomed and plan a gift exchange dinner between their parents.

Amy spends the episode working on a scrapbook for Captain Holt that features his career highlights. Even though he has a strict no gift policy, she claims that he won’t count it as a gift if she spends no money. However, while she’s looking into a past case, she sees that there was a mistake in one of Holt’s old cases about an arsonist named “The Brooklyn Broiler.”

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Somehow, Doug Judy convinced the precinct to get him a four-star hotel with unlimited room service access. He and Jake can’t enjoy the luxury for long, since Tito Ruiz agrees to meets up with them and Rosa to talk about cars (since Doug Judy steals them for Tito). Jake goes undercover as Doug Judy’s accomplice and Rosa as his wife, and Tito leads them into his evil ecstasy den where he runs his business. Everything is going fine until a car crashes through the wall and picks up Doug Judy, who is able to escape since Jake has to focus all of his energy on Tito Ruiz.

Gina’s mother ends up loving the digital scale, saying it’s perfect for their guest room (Surprise! They’re moving in together), which prompts Gina to flee the dinner and steal a bottle of wine since she can’t handle her mom dating Boyle’s dad.

Holt doesn’t accept Amy’s scrapbook, but does respect her for confronting him about his error and that’s basically all the validation Amy needs to get through the holidays. And even though Doug Judy got away again, the gigglepig task force was successful, which is a huge win for the precinct. He was even kind enough to send Jake a video of him enjoying a tropical vacation, meaning we’re probably going to see him again whenever he decides to come back and ruin Jake’s life for a third time.

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