Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E11: “Stake Me Out Tonight”


By Mina Haq

With any great pair of best friends comes a decent amount of struggle, and this week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” we saw Jake and Boyle get in their very first fight during an eight day stakeout. Things at the precinct were equally tense, as Terry’s children’s book forced Amy and Gina to deal with their character flaws and Rosa found romance somewhere very unexpected.


When Holt gets Intel on a drop house used by the Ukrainian mafia to store weapons and cash, he requests two teams to investigate over the course of the week by keeping constant watch on the drop house. Jake volunteers himself and Boyle, claiming they’ll make such a good team that they can do the whole stakeout themselves and not drive each other insane. Holt doesn’t seem to care that much as long as the job gets done, so he allows it. So, after Terry and Rosa sneak them into the building across the street, Jake and Boyle are left alone for eight straight days, completely convinced their friendship can survive it.

Meanwhile, Captain Holt’s nephew Marcus is in town and catches Rosa’s eye while stopping by the precinct to greet his uncle. Since Rosa is usually indifferent to everything around her, Gina immediately notices when she shows even a slight amount of interest (Rosa waving goodbye was what really convinced her), and announces it in Holt’s presence. This starts a really strange middle school type situation in which Holt plays cupid for Rosa and Marcus, but since neither of them are preteens it doesn’t really work and Rosa says that if Marcus is interested in her, he should do something about it himself. I guess he did, because another morning Rosa walks downstairs after spending the night with Marcus to find Captain Holt and Kevin eating breakfast together. Obviously, it’s unbelievably awkward and Rosa tells Marcus they should stop seeing each other.

Tensions are high everywhere, even between Terry, Gina and Amy. When Gina and Amy find the children’s book Terry is writing for his daughters, they see that they’re characters in it and they’re not pleased with the way Terry is portraying them. Amy thinks her character is too much of a pushover while Gina thinks her character is judgmental and cold-hearted, which they both take as personal attacks. This prompts Amy to become extremely aggressive and for Gina to transform into some pseudo-hippie who just wants everyone to be happy at all times. Obviously, Terry gets the brunt of this behavior and realizes something is wrong right away.


During their eight day stakeout, Jake and Boyle’s friendship slowly begins to crumble. They start out fine, even coming up with a sleeping schedule, but eventually become annoyed by the smallest aspects of each other’s personalities. They try to deal with it by coming up with a “no-no list” that lists all the things they’re not allowed to do (items on the list range from “no lady-style towels” to “no impressions” and at one point even “no talking”). However, they start fighting so much that it compromises the mission and the Ukrainian mafia members across the street abandon the drop house. Since Holt warned them this would happen, he assigns them both door duty even though they’ve decided to not be friends anymore.

Door duty ends up being a blessing, since they catch the leader of the mafia leader and it reconciles their friendship so much that they realize they’re like brothers and it’s okay to fight sometimes. Even Terry confronts Amy and Gina, telling them that his characters were just characters and if they took it as a personal attack, it’s on them. They both learned something from the whole ordeal in the end, so it was a very functional children’s book (Amy learned to stand up for herself and Gina just solidified that fact that she’s perfect). Even Rosa and Holt had a pow-wow that ended in them agreeing never to talk about anything ever again, especially Rosa’s love life with Holt’s nephew. The detectives made some personal and professional growths in another fantastic episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and I’m so excited to see where they end up going in the New Year.

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