By David Oliver

OK, so, first of all, apologies I haven’t written here in awhile. There are these little things called “work” and “life” that sometimes get in the way of this blog (what are those?), though I think once the regular 2015 TV season kicks in, the posts will be back on a more normal basis. But I digress…

In the midst of re-watching bits of “Grey’s Anatomy,” because who doesn’t, and a full-on re-watch of “Parks and Recreation,” I’ve been making some time to watch some different shows I’ve been told to watch.

Jon Hamm, “Black Mirror,” photo courtesy


“Looking,” photo courtesy

I literally just finished this recently – granted, it’s eight 30-minute episodes, so it’s not terribly taxing. It tells the story of a few gay men of different ages in San Francisco. I had heard and read that it was extremely relatable, and you feel comfortable with the characters right from the get-go, which I wholeheartedly agree with. No matter your race, sexual orientation, where you grew up, what have you, all anyone is really looking for is to not be alone. And that’s sort of a universal theme of the series as I see it, and one I hope continues into its upcoming second season. That sexy season finale certainly left a lot up in the air, though, for the show’s arguably main character Patrick (Jonathan Groff).


“Black Mirror,” photo courtesy

Oooh, boy, this show. There are currently two seasons on Netflix and a Christmas special is airing on DirecTV tomorrow (starring Jon Hamm, so, have to get on watching that). It’s a British show that’s an overarching discussion on technology and how it could potentially ruin and complicate our lives to the point where we forget about life’s real, human moments, more so than it may already have done. Each episode is standalone, so you don’t have to worry about watching anything in order. I’ve only seen four out of the six episodes on Netflix (there’s three per season) and haven’t seen the Christmas special as I mentioned before, but I plan on catching up ASAP because it’s seriously smart, thought-provoking and above all addicting. I say this as I just reach for my phone and type on my computer at the same time, which is probably not what the creators of the show are intending. Then again, it is a TV show, inherently technology. OK this is a dark rabbit hole I don’t feel like going down, so, bye.


“Wilfred,” photo courtesy

I’m only a few episodes into this FX meta dramedy of sorts. And it’s exactly that: super meta. This guy Ryan (Elijah Wood) attempts suicide at the series’ start, only to fail and later befriend his neighbor’s dog, but there’s a catch: the dog is a man in a dog’s costume, though everyone else treats him like a dog. Is Ryan crazy? Is the dog real? Did Ryan actually commit suicide and this is some weird, purgatory space? Apparently these are answers I won’t receive – if I receive them at all – for quite sometime.


Have any other shows you think I’d like? Shoot me an email and I’ll give it a go:

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