Binge Central’s Top 10 Dramas of 2014


By Josh Axelrod, David Oliver and Anamika Roy 

10.) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

I fought hard for this one. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” is, with all due respect to the second half of “Homeland’s” Season 4, the most improved show of 2014. Marvel basically took all the criticism of the show’s first season to heart and did everything in its power to fix those problems. The pacing never slowed, questions were answered, the relationships were more genuine (Fitz and Simmons are MVPs) and, most importantly, Skye (and Chloe Bennett) proved her worth to the team. Oh, and it also has a far-reaching impact on the Marvel Universe with the introduction of Daisy Johnson and The Inhumans. Excelsior! – Josh

9.) Homeland

The first six episodes of “Homeland’s” Season drove me crazy. Carrie’s screwing another target? Quinn is secretly but not secretly pining for her? Same old disappointing “Homeland.” Than Haqqani shot Aayan in the head and it was like a switch flipped. Suddenly “Homeland” became exciting again. Every episode was intriguing and, for once, there was no way to know what would happen next. And when Carrie and Quinn finally got together, it felt, dare I say, organic. “Homeland,” you earned back my trust. Don’t test me again though. – Josh

8.) Parenthood

Following Season 4 (2012-13), I wasn’t sure if “Parenthood” could ever top itself. Kristina’s cancer storyline was a revelation. But the episodes that aired in 2014 (the latter half of season five and this current season six) have been pretty on par with the series’ quality bump from season four to now. I am terrified Zeek is going to die, and if the commercials are any indication, this is probably going to happen, but I’m looking forward to seeing the last few episodes of this beloved series next month. R.I.P., “Parenthood.” – David

7.) The Walking Dead

Two words: “TAINTED MEAT!” While the last batch of season four episodes were relatively quiet and character-focused, season five has managed to ramp up the action and maintain its strong character studies, making it that much more enjoyable each week. Beth’s [SPOILER] shocking death reminded me that the series can pull punches like these anytime, and as long as they don’t kill Daryl, I’ll live to keep watching. – David

I’m still trying to get over Beth’s death. And the fact that rhymes makes me even more sad. – Josh

6.) Sons of Anarchy

“SOA” will always have a place in my heart. This “Hamlet” retelling via motorcycles has made me laugh and cry, and this “final ride” has been nothing but a perfect ending. Plus, if a prequel series is still in the works, the story will get to live on just a little bit longer. It’s a shame this show never got much awards attention, because between the acting and the writing, it’s one of TV’s greats. – David

5.) True Detective

Truthfully, this show was incredibly confusing and I should really re-watch it, but then I’d be terrifying myself all over again. Seriously, I had trouble watching this show alone. This is what “American Horror Story” should’ve made me feel like. I guess that’s why this made our list though: Intense characters in an intense story makes for intense viewing. Intense. – David

I had no idea what was going on for probably 60 percent of this show/drama/miniseries, but it had me hooked. The acting was impeccable, the theme song was one of the best of this year and the cinematography was out of this world. What about the plot, you ask? Let me give this show one more watch and I’ll get back to you. – Anamika

4.) House of Cards

One word: Threechum. A second word: Zoe. A third batch of words: Is it time for season three yet? – David

Knock knock. – Josh

Democracy is so overrated. To be honest, I watched this entire season in a day back in February so I don’t really remember most of it. But I do remember that it was fantastic. – Anamika

3.) Mad Men

Another series I will be sad to see go, “Mad Men” is riding off into the sunset this year. The first half of season seven was a little quiet, as this show often is, save for that whole nipple incident and Bert’s musical death. Here’s hoping it goes out on a high note. I personally want to see Don and Betty back together, though I doubt that would actually happen. A man can dream. – David

I’m still hopelessly shipping Don and Joan. They’re the two most attractive people on the planet. Matt Weiner, you know what to do. – Josh

I would love a Don and Betty reunion in the last half of this season! I also can’t wait to see what happens to Peggy. This show was one of my first big binges almost three years ago. Its character development, attention to detail and amazing cast will be missed. – Anamika

2.) The Good Wife

THIS. SHOW. It’s impressed me since day one and continues to impress me. What’s going to happen in its return? Truthfully, I have no idea, but frankly, I’m OK with that. I agree with this wish from TVLine’s Vlada Gelman, personally. #SaveKalinda. – David

“Zip your pants, shut your mouth and stop banging the help.” BOOM. David and I say this every week but it’s worth repeating, this show is working wonders even in its sixth season. For me, this show was the best drama this year, No. 1 through 10. – Anamika

1.) Game of Thrones

I haven’t read any of the books so I don’t really have much to offer beyond really wanting all the characters to just intersect/reunite already. That’s what this has to be building to, right? Anyway, this year saw plenty of head-turning scenes. The Jamie/Cersei rape controversy is certainly still a relevant topic to keep discussing. – David

“I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT!” How did Peter Dinklage not win an Emmy for that speech? – Josh

I’m with David on this one. Season four must be building up to something, I’m just dying to know what. Also, shout-out to Ser Pounce! – Anamika

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