Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E12: “Dog Party”


By Mina Haq 

In the first episode of the new year, the squad goes all out in an attempt to bond and arrange their annual detectives only getaway (Or, as Jake called it, D.O.G. party) to take place at the beach house Boyle got from his divorce. What was meant to be a weekend of drinking, gossiping and cracking jokes at the expense of their boss is destroyed when Jake, after learning that Holt was often excluded from his own squad’s “joshing around,” invites the captain along. In other news, Rosa seeks Boyle’s help in flirting with her new boyfriend Marcus, “Vacation Terry” refuses to feel any stress, and Gina tries really hard to get Amy “six-drink drunk” in hopes that she’ll be able to befriend that version of her.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Jake is adamant that they can still salvage the trip and have fun with Holt around, but is soon proved wrong after a series of uncomfortable activities that Holt suggests. First, they take an 80-minute walk on the freezing cold beach (Boyle only got the house during the winter months), and then they sit in a hot tub-turned-hot-bath since Holt hates the bubbles.

Mostly it’s just awkward since everyone feels they can’t truly let loose and forget about work when their boss is right there. Eventually Jake cracks and creates an elaborate plan that involves throwing two parties: A Holt party that will take place upstairs and features boring stuff like wine and good conversation, and a fun party where everyone can drink and dance as much as they originally planned.

Amidst all of the chaos, Rosa is stressing out about how to show interest in her new boyfriend, Marcus. She realizes Boyle is the master of being overly emotional and cheesy and gets his help while texting Marcus during the trip. I’m not sure how sold I am on Rosa and Marcus as a couple (not only is he played by Nick Cannon, but he’s super dull), but it was really nice seeing Rosa open up and honestly show her feelings. It was also hilarious having Boyle there, because for someone who truly does not understand women he really knew how to get things going for Rosa and Marcus.

Photo courtesy of We Got This Covered

Despite her fear of getting drunk in front of Holt, Amy gets too drunk too fast at the beach house and goes through her classic five stages of intoxication: Spacey, loud, prone to dancing, perverse, unusually confident. It’s Gina’s goal to see what kind of drunk Amy is after six drinks, and while the journey there is absolutely hilarious the actual result is sad. We get to see Amy be crude, obnoxious, sad and everything else over the course of the episode but the most shocking part is how Gina takes care of six-drink Amy because that’s the version of her Gina likes.

Jake’s secret party plan was never a good one, so it’s no surprise when it begins to fall apart. Eventually Holt realizes that there are only one or two people around him at all times and he goes to see where everyone is, leading him to the fun party going on in the basement without him.

Jake described his reaction best when he said, “He looks like a sad block of granite,” and then follows him out to apologize. They have a pow-wow in the hot tub (warm bath), where Holt apologizes for intruding on their getaway weekend. Jake tells him that it’s time for Holt to stoop down to their level, and Holt enthusiastically (well, as enthusiastically as Holt can) agrees. They join the rest of the squad downstairs for a drinking game and Holt finally gets to “josh around” with everyone after all.

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