Mindy Project S3E12: Medically Blonde


By Josh Axelrod and Anamika Roy 

We shouldn’t still have to note this, but it was nice to see “Mindy” use its entire ensemble well again. Every member of the cast got a moment or two to shine, and the guest stars brought their A-games. There was one scene, though, that stood out from the rest:

Photo courtesy of TV Line

Danny/Barbara Gurgler 

JOSH: How did she do that with her leg?!??! Rob Gurgler’s wife (the always hilarious Ana Gasteyer) somehow got Danny to completion under a dinner table using just her leg. Is that even possible? Does Danny lack stamina, or is she just that good? The best part was that Danny never once doubted it was Mindy doing it. Knowing their sexual history, it makes perfect sense.

ANAMIKA: Ew I don’t want to think about that. Though that scene was hilarious and further proves that Mindy (Kaling) is really pushing the envelope for what she can get away with on network TV. I heard her say on an interview recently that it’s about time FOX introduces her show with a skull and crossbones.

Mindy/Rob Gurgler 

JOSH: I don’t blame Rob for underestimating Mindy. She did pull a classic “Legally Blonde” move and show up to a serious lecture in full party attire. To be fair, B.A.S.H is a very misleading acronym, but still. That dinner might’ve backfired a bit in terms of her boyfriend accidentally cheating on her, but it at least earned her Rob’s respect.

It is really nice to see Mindy focusing on her career. Now that she’s with the man who better propose to her asap if he wants to keep her, the drama is less relationship-based and more about her trying to improve skills as a doctor. I approve!

ANAMIKA: I love that the show is focusing on Mindy’s career but I think it’s telling instead of showing viewers that Mindy is serious about her work. It’s a work in progress but the whole party attire thing this week and then going on a double date with her professor seemed to show otherwise.

Photo courtesy of FOX


JOSH: I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the most screen time Tamra’s ever gotten in an episode. And she totally stole this subplot with her hilarious attempts to get Morgan to take her back, and then to take him down in that charity basketball game. It was also cool to see Peter as the voice of reason for once. We need to cherish all the Peter we can get before he leaves.

Also, it’s always nice to remember that Julia Stiles is still acting. Being Morgan’s girlfriend isn’t exactly a glamorous job, but it puts food on the table.

ANAMIKA: I was never a Julia Styles fan but it brings me back to all my favorite teenage movies (“10 Things I Hate About You,” anyone?). She’s great as Morgan’s girlfriend. Probably the most normal, least annoying relationship he’s had on the show.

Tamra embodies some cringe-worthy stereotypes. I liked her this week and hope she can morph into a funny but compelling character without Morgan.


JOSH: In the middle of Mindy’s “Legally Blonde” riff, she also threw in a new character who was an interesting contrast to herself. As an older Indian woman with a daughter, Neepa was the polar opposite of carefree, flighty Mindy. It was no wonder they clashed so much. At least Mindy did the right thing in the end and gave that procedure to the more deserving and capable and Neepa. I bet you have a lot to say about this subplot Anamika.

ANAMIKA: Why, because I’m brown? That’s racist Josh. I think Neepa (which, um, interesting name) was a great contrast to Mindy and a good way to ease into the “Mindy is actually a serious doctor and hard worker” thing. I hope she sticks around for the rest of the Stanford episodes. In Mindy (Kaling)’s book, she talks about her parents and how their values informed her work ethic. Neepa is a great personification of their values.

Sidenote for my brown friends: Gwalior? That’s a pretty random place to be named on an American TV show. Kudos to Mindy for not sticking with the easy, Delhi or Mumbai. Though I wonder if the writers just Googled “lesser-known Indian cities.”


JOSH: No Jeremy, unlike golf, you aim to get the highest score in basketball. And you score baskets, not goals. Oh honey.

ANAMIKA: It was a little hard to believe that Jeremy knew nothing about basketball. And I’m pretty sure the signal for “timeout” is universal.

Line of the Week

JOSH: “I broke up with you a month ago. You went on whole bunch of dates with Pitbull.” -Morgan, about Tamra. I don’t doubt it.

ANAMIKA: “Boston baby! Home of the Freedom Trail and Tom Brady’s penis.” – Mindy, and me next time someone asks me where I’m from.

Note: In an earlier version of this post we mistakenly identified the actress who played Barb Gurgler as Katherine Hahn. It was Ana Gasteyer, who is equally funny and amazing.

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