Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E14: “The Belly of the Beast”


By Mina Haq 

On this week’s episode, Jake’s defense attorney girlfriend Sophia returns and confronts him about some issues their relationship is facing, while Amy tries to settle Gina and Boyle’s argument about the future of the relationship between their parents and Holt seeks out Rosa’s advice regarding Wuntch.

Photo courtesy of Pop Insomniacs

Jake notices that Sophia has been acting somewhat distant toward him, so he “casually bumps into her” at her workplace and asks her to go out with him that night. She explains to him that her boss hasn’t been assigning her any good cases and her coworkers think it’s because she’s dating a cop. She suggests they put the relationship on pause, and Jake doesn’t take it as a bad sign because he’s convinced he can bond with Sophia’s boss and change his mind because her problem isn’t with him directly. So, he and a reluctant Terry crash a fancy defense attorney event where Jake plans to woo her boss.

Meanwhile, Boyle and Gina aren’t seeing eye to eye about their parents dating. Gina claims that Boyle should be helping her break them up, but Boyle wants his dad to be happy and his dad refuses to propose until Gina gives him her blessing. Obviously, Gina refuses to do that, so Boyle enlists Amy (who recently did a seminar on conflict resolution and has a big binder for situations just like these) to negotiate.

After Boyle agrees to not do anything too ridiculous during family gatherings, Gina admits that she doesn’t want her mom to get hurt. Both shocked and mildly touched, Boyle promises that his father would never hurt her mother and Gina eventually agrees to at least speak with him.

Photo courtesy of Hypable

Holt is facing a dilemma and needs Rosa’s advice. His nemesis Wuntch is up for the position of police chief up in Boston, and because of their rocky past her future depends on a recommendation from Holt. Holt wants her out of New York, but he also doesn’t want to praise her at all and thinks Rosa will give him the best advice on vengeance. She tells him that he’s better off taking the high road, and he agrees, thinking he’ll end up benefitting since it’ll get her out of the NYPD.

Jake’s plan to charm Sophia’s boss crashes and burns, but he does end up sort of bonding with him after they make a series of ridiculous bets (probably why the man always goes to Atlantic City). However, when Jake follows him into the bathroom he catches him snorting cocaine and has no choice but to arrest him. Sophia storms into the precinct and plans to act as his defense attorney, even though the DA dropped the charges and only assigned him community service. Sophia then ends things with Jake, claiming their lives are incompatible and that the relationship isn’t super serious to her. Since Jake accidentally confessed his love to her earlier, it’s sort of serious for him and he takes it pretty badly.

After an intense interrogation, Gina gives Boyle’s father her blessing, meaning there’s going to be a wedding on the show soon enough! However, Holt’s plan ended up backfiring since Wuntch used his recommendation to get a promotion in the NYPD and now she has even more power over him. His only real retribution was changing her last name in her autocorrect from “Wuntch” to “Butt,” which he also recommends Jake does to Sophia since she left him.


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