GREY’S ANATOMY RECAP, S11E9: ‘This isn’t us’


By David Oliver

OK, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief, because “Grey’s Anatomy” is back. And the drama continued this week, but would we really have it any other way?

Grey’s Anatomy logo

We pick up where we left off: Meredith tells Derek to go and he is preparing to do just that. As seen in a preview (see the “Grey’s Anatomy” Facebook page), both reminisce about the post-it vows they made, only for Meredith to (gulp) take it off the wall.

Meanwhile, while we don’t know what Jackson exactly says, it appears he informs April about the baby and his grim (literally) future.

Meredith has a potential nanny at the hospital, and tells Callie that Derek left.

The hospital is rocked by news that a woman drove off a bridge with two kids in the car, something that hits home particularly for April and Meredith this episode, so those are the main stories, along with the Arizona/Dr. Herman saga, this recap will cover (Bailey and Alex had some of the episode’s minor sub-plots, which were arguably the weakest parts of the episode).

Arizona feels guilty for getting Dr. Herman’s files, saying she’s “too pretty for prison.” True. She would be an interesting Piper Chapman-esque character on “Orange is the New Black,” no? Speaking of, does Kevin McKidd look a little orange to you? Unless that’s just my TV.

Anyway, Dr. Herman finds out about the scans and is furious. Amelia claims she can remove it – but can she really?

Jackson gets Owen to have April leave the OR, fearing for her. Meredith is in the same OR and tells Owen that Derek left her.

April starts seeing everything in slow-motion, as people do when handed with devastating news. Jackson wants to help but they are both clearly in over their heads, as really anyone would be in this unfathomably horrible situation. Jackson cries, and Richard checks in on him, as previewed. I’ve always enjoyed the relationship between these two.

Maggie asks April about her baby – there we go again with the inappropriate timing, am I right, Maggie? At least that’s what the Maggie-centric episode certainly focused on.

April takes her frustrations out on Stephanie.

Owen talks to Meredith about Cristina, and Meredith says that she didn’t want Cristina to be right about her and Derek. That really was a powerful message, the way Cristina left the show and reminding Meredith that, “He’s not the sun. You are.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Herman has basically given up on herself getting better, but she has to let Amelia operate eventually, right? Right. She tells Arizona and Amelia, “Let’s talk” and Owen gets filled in, though she’ll only let them operate under dangerous circumstances, i.e. the tumor progressing further.

It turns out the woman who drove her kids off the bridge had a pancreas tumor, which was causing certain symptoms that proves the accident wasn’t intentional.

Jackson wants Arizona to counsel him and April with what’s going on, and later April confides in Jackson. “You could do everything right and it doesn’t even…why?” April says. She doesn’t want to cry for fear of it not stopping. Jackson says, “Whatever you need, I’m here.” April tells him they are having a boy. Cue sobfest.

Speaking of sobfest, Meredith breaks down to her nanny candidate and later talks to Derek on the phone – he’s still at the airport. Meredith says, “This isn’t us. This isn’t how we end, is it?”

It turns out no – they both agree to make it work (whew), and Meredith hangs up the post-it. She should probably fix the broken glass, though, no?

The “Grey’s Anatomy” end credit now has a Seattle background, which looks totally awesome, as a side note.

My favorite quote of the episode may have to go to Callie though, who says, “I’m the queen of taking my personal crap out on other people” Callie to April. And apparently, according to Twitter, this was Sara Ramirez’s 200th episode.

Anyway, I hope Meredith and Derek stick it out, despite Shonda Rhimes’ cryptic messages.

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