Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2E15: “Catharsis”


By Mina Haq 

Jake hasn’t been coping too well after ending things with Sophia, so this week’s episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was all about Terry and Boyle’s version of catharsis, which they dubbed “catharting.” Meanwhile, Amy and Rosa battle it out to see who gets Saturday off and Gina and Holt realize they’re more similar than they seem.

Photo courtesy of TV Over Mind

Since the breakup wasn’t exactly his idea, Jake will do anything just to talk to Sophia again. Boyle and Terry tell him that he needs to embrace the pain in order to move on, but then a distraction arrives in the form of Homeland Security. Once a year, the Department of Homeland Security runs an inter-agency counterterrorism drill, and this year the NYPD was invited to fill in for an absent agency thanks to their tactical village scores. They’re the only non-federal agency to ever be invited, which is a pretty big deal and exactly why no one but Terry will actually take it too seriously.

Holt tells Amy and Rosa that only one of them can have off during the upcoming Saturday and that they’ll have to decide for themselves who will have to work. Amy says she can’t because she’s attending a TED Talk on power posing so that she can be more assertive, and Rosa claims she’s having dinner with her parents. Rosa thinks Amy’s reason is dumb while Amy thinks Rosa is lying, since she can’t stand her parents.

While the squad is at the drill, Gina gives Holt a personality test for her psychology class. He ends up getting an accurate result that describes him as a tenacious, robust leader. Holt is obviously pleased until he learns that Gina got the exact same results, causing him to question the test and hurt her feelings (as much as anyone can ever hurt Gina’s feelings).

Unfortunately for the squad, none of the federal agencies take the NYPD seriously and assign them the role of the hostages during the drill. None of them are pleased with the idea of sitting around and waiting to be rescued, but Jake won’t stand for it since this was supposed to be his catharsis. He and Boyle manage to escape their confines and begin shooting the ATF agents (who were playing the part of the terrorists) with their paintball guns until they’ve reversed the entire drill and are holding them hostage instead.

Photo courtesy of Hypbable

The leader of the drill, Kendrick (played by comedian Nick Kroll), is furious and wants to call it off. However, Jake suggests that they keep the drill going and the rest of the federal agents meet their demands (a fight to the death, pizza, and gas medicine for Scully) or they’ll shoot the ATF agents, who are now the hostages. Homeland agrees, and Rosa and Amy decide that they’ll settle their issue in a competition: Whoever has the highest body count gets Saturday off work. By the end of the drill, everyone is down except for Jake and Kendrick, and Kendrick ends up fooling Jake by “surrendering” and surprise shooting him “Die Hard” style. Amy pulls a similar move when she and Rosa are tied and shocks Rosa by shooting her, meaning she wins.

Despite the fact that they lost and the NYPD is definitely not getting invited back next year, Jake tells the squad that because of them he hasn’t thought of Sophia all day. Back at the precinct, Holt apologizes to Gina and tells her that he’s definitely not on her level, especially because diminishing her was not something a good leader would do. To her horror, he apologizes by assigning her more responsibilities around the precinct so she can live up to her full potential.

Amy tells Rosa she can have the break on Saturday, since she feels assertive enough that she doesn’t need the TED Talk. Rosa tells her that she’s introducing Marcus to her parents over dinner this weekend, which shocks and excites Amy since Rosa is finally showing signs of being a real human.

While dropping off a box of Sophia’s things where she works, Jake runs into her and it’s clear things are over. They agree that they were never meant to be and Jake starts to move on from her.

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