GREY’S ANATOMY, MIDSEASON 11: Thoughts on the future


By David Oliver

So, “Grey’s Anatomy” has been pretty morose lately. Rather than recap the last two episodes, I thought I would examine a bit how the show has shifted this season into something new and fresh, and what the timeline looks like for the series’ inevitable close.

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), “Grey’s Anatomy,” photo courtesy


As depressing as this season has been for these two, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams have been showing off their finest acting chops since, well, ever? I can’t remember a time on the show where I really felt riveted by their performances. In fact, besides Sandra Oh’s ultimate prowess at all times, Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez in particular have stuck out to me for always bringing it, particularly at the end of season nine.

This depressing storyline will surely prove difficult for these characters – but I personally hope they will be able to come out the other side, and hopefully a healthy baby is down the line? Or perhaps adoption, a la Meredith and Derek?

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), “Grey’s Anatomy,” GIF courtesy


Speaking of Meredith and Derek, can I just say how glad I am that they didn’t totally break up? I am curious to see how the relationship will continue, and am glad that Meredith is sticking up for herself. It’s interesting that her new “sisters” – Maggie and Amelia  – are really there for her right now. It’s like the new Lexie and Cristina, not that anyone could replace them, but surrogates, if you will.


I was hesitant to see these two split up (though TVLine’s Michael Ausiello wasn’t), and even Shonda Rhimes herself has previously expressed she isn’t sure where they’re headed. My bet is that they’re together by next season, which hopefully will be the show’s last, frankly.


My vote is an end to the series at S12. Trust me, I love this show, and will watch it until the last surgery, but if it’s going to go out on a creative high, I would argue next season should be the last. Some would say it should have ended earlier, but it’s just a new era of “Grey’s.” But even great eras must end sometime, and I’d rather it go out in the sun.

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