‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ S2E16: “The Wednesday Incident”


By Mina Haq

This week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake tries to solve the mystery of what has Captain Holt in such an awful mood, refusing to believe that he played any part in it, while Boyle struggles to convince Amy and Rosa that a seemingly sweet elderly man is responsible for a bank robbery.


The squad is convinced Captain Holt is in a terrible mood because of what they call “the Wednesday incident,” or when Jake set off the sprinklers in Captain Holt’s room. Jake sets out to prove that it’s something else because Holt was in a bad mood before the incident. He gets Gina to help him dig deeper by going to Holt’s house and talking to his husband, Kevin. According to Kevin, the Captain was in a good mood on Wednesday morning, so nothing happened at home that set him off. Since Jake still refuses to believe it started at the precinct, he, Gina and Kevin (after some thorough convincing) decide to retrace Holt’s steps that morning.

As far as real police work goes, Boyle is ecstatic that he’s arrested a notorious bank robber named Marvin. However, his glory is short-lived Marvin’s old age and kind demeanor charms Amy and Rosa, making them doubtful that he could’ve robbed all those banks. He even gives Amy a dollar for helping him adjust to the precinct. As soon as they leave Marvin loses his pleasant temperament and confesses to Boyle that he loves the thrill of robbing banks, frustrating Boyle to no end.

Jake, Gina and Kevin start retracing Holt’s Wednesday at the diner where he always gets breakfast. According to the waitress, he had his normal breakfast- a room temperature glass of water and a hard- boiled egg- which Kevin says is his good day breakfast. They go from the diner to his morning painting class, and his art instructor says he was perfectly fine (he drew the same still life of the grey rock that he always draws). Since Holt apparently has a lot of extra-curricular activities, they go from painting straight to his fencing class. His fencing partner says that he hasn’t seen him since him since Wednesday, to which Kevin says that Captain Holt has been lying to him. Apparently Holt has been going to “fencing” most days, so Kevin leaves to sort out the lying.

Jake goes back to the precinct to find that Holt has reached a new level of anger: constant smiling. He realizes that he needs to fix this before it actually harms Holt’s marriage, so Gina learns from other administrative assistants (they have a network) that Holt was supposed to meet the deputy chief for a fencing class but he never showed. They go to where Holt would have been and Jake “becomes” Holt, allowing him to find a security camera. The footage shows Holt about to be mugged by three shady guys, one of which had a knife.


Boyle and Amy’s interrogation of Marvin is going terribly, since he’s lying through his teeth to stay in Amy’s good graces. While he’s explaining to Rosa that he knows Marvin doesn’t take him seriously as a cop and he wants to prove himself, Marvin literally dies in the interrogation room, so Boyle has no way to prove that Marvin actually was the robber. Later that day, Amy and Rosa apologize to Boyle for not believing him. Apparently, Amy used the dollar that Marvin gave her and checked the serial numbers, which matched the stolen bills.

When Jake shows up at Holt’s house, Holt confesses to Kevin and Jake that he was almost mugged. He fought off the muggers, but was still “lightly” stabbed and he felt childish and immature, which is what put him such a terrible mood. He didn’t tell Kevin because he didn’t want to frighten him, but Kevin feels upset and lied to regardless.

Captain Holt is furious with Jake for meddling in his personal life, so Jake gives him a professional apology. He pulls a still from the mugging video and sent it to a nearby precinct, identifying one of the muggers. Jake has Holt meet him in front of the muggers house so that Holt can exact some revenge, which actually makes him feel a little better. Hold admits that he was angry at himself and took it out on the squad, apologizing and making things right at the precinct. He fixes things with Kevin, who shows up at the precinct and gives Jake and Gina one of Holt’s many rock paintings as a gift. Shockingly enough, Jake was right all along and he finally got Holt to admit he was a genius.

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