By Josh Axelrod, David Oliver and Anamika Roy 

Well that was…risque. And hilarious. Apparently we’ve progressed enough as a society that we can have entire episodes of television devoted to anal sex. Or, if this episode is based on reality at all, Mindy Kaling is a freak and B.J. Novak was a very lucky man. Anyway, let’s discuss:

Photo courtesy of FOX

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ROUNDTABLE: TRUE BLOOD S7E7: Filler, filler and more filler


By Josh Axelrod and David Oliver

“May Be the Last Time” is an episode that exemplifies what makes “True Blood” so simultaneously entertaining and frustrating. On one hand, you have weird sex dungeons and Anna Camp trying to win an Emmy with a messiah complex. On the other, you have storylines that slowed to a crawl while characters either sat around or literally wasted each other’s time. Let’s dive right in: Continue reading