By David Oliver

Let me preface this by saying I know many of you probably won’t read past these first few graphs. “Gilmore Girls” certainly isn’t for everyone. Not for my roommates, not for my mother, not for anyone.

But I don’t really care, because I think it’s brilliant.

“Gilmore Girls,” GIF courtesy

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The Binge Diaries: Why The First Five Seasons of ‘The Office’ are the Pinnacle of Television Comedy


By Josh Axelrod 

A little context:

During my last few semesters of college, I fell in with a group of weirdos who were obsessed with “The Office.” They were to “The Office” what am I am to “Community” (see my bio).

My experience with “The Office” was pretty lukewarm. I started watching around Season 4, enjoyed it for two seasons, then lost interest. It’s not that I stopped enjoying it. I just got busy, and unfortunately I had to downsize. And Dunder Mifflin got the axe.

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