House of Cards Season 3: Unanswered questions


By Anamika Roy

I had promised myself I would take a full week to get through this season of “House of Cards,” but the truth is, this is a show that was meant to be watched in an irresponsibly short amount of time.

The credits for episode 13 in season 3 are still rolling in another tab as I write this. That’s how badly I wanted to get my thoughts on this season off my chest, so here goes.

If you haven’t finished season 3 yet, stop reading. I repeat, STOP READING. NOW.


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Celebrities Warn Against the Dangers of Binge-Watching TV


By Josh Axelrod 

Here at Binge Central, we’re all about TV. But sometimes it’s important to take a step back and remember that while having good taste in TV is more important than breathing, there are some dangers that lurk beneath the world of serialized entertainment. Amy Poehler, Alyson Hannigan, Taylor Schilling and a multitude of other TV stars are here to remind you that binge watching can sometimes, shockingly, not be the best thing for you: Continue reading