Suits Roundtable, S4E10: “Wanna Make a Splash? Part the Red Sea”


By Josh Axelrod and Anamika Roy

There’s no such thing as a bad “Suits” episode, but Season 4’s midseason finale was nothing short of phenomenal. If USA were to submit this episode for Emmy consideration, every voter who knows good TV when he/she sees it would have to seriously rethink his/her USA prejudices. And Rick Hoffman…man, does he deserve some sort of recognition for his performance this season. Those last two scenes with Donna and Jessica? Chills. Anyway, let’s dive right in: Continue reading

Suits S4E9: “You Can’t Hide Money From the SEC”


There really was only one way for Louis’ predicament to play out, and it didn’t involve him staying at Pearson Specter. Now it looks like, at least for an episode, we live in a world where Louis Litt is no longer a part of the firm that was his entire life. Of course, Louis wasn’t the only character feeling the backlash from a recent wrongdoing. Let’s dive into this week’s drama: Continue reading

Suits, S4E8: Litt Hits the Fan


By Josh Axelrod

Well, after two episodes of playing hero, it was time for Louis to deal with the fallout from his deal with Charles Fortsman. He and Katrina (who this show has, seemingly effortlessly, molded into a mini Louis) did everything in their power to keep their secret, but Sean Cahill eventually forced their hand. It’s going to be hard for Louis to come back from this now that Harvey and Jessica know about the Fortsman tax scam.

Louis shouldn’t have been shocked to hear that Cahill was going after Pearson Specter again. After all, Cahill hates Harvey just as much as the rest of the New York legal scene. Ironically, Cahill was still trying to get Harvey and Mike on bogus collusion charges. He wasn’t even looking for any wrongdoings by Louis Litt, the world’s most upstanding citizen. Continue reading