Binge Diaries: “Breaking Bad” Mostly Lives Up to the Hype


By Josh Axelrod

***I will go into a few specific details of events from this show, so SPOILER ALERT***

I had a weird relationship with “Breaking Bad” before I started my binge a little over a month ago. I had tried it a few years ago but was bored by the first few episodes and gave up, admittedly too quickly. Ever since, all I heard about it was that it was god’s gift to television and the greatest show ever and yada yada yada.

Photo courtesy of AMC TV

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INTERVIEW: Bang Data, music heard on BREAKING BAD


By David Oliver


The cartel? Poisoned. Gus? Triumphant (for now).

But more importantly: what was that song playing in the background?

Meet Juan Caipo of Bang Data, the group behind “Bring the Girls.” Check out our quick Q&A here: Continue reading