The Binge Diaries: “Bojack Horseman” and Netflix’s Attempt to Branch Out


By Josh Axelrod

This show had been on my radar ever since I saw that voice cast. Will Arnett as an anthropomorphic horse who happened to be a 90s sitcom star? Aaron Paul as a stoner slacker? Alison Brie as a Vietnamese Annie Edison? If nothing else, the cast (which also includes Amy Sedaris, Paul F. Thompkins and Patton Oswalt) was proof that everyone in Hollywood now jumps at the chance to work for Netflix.

Last Friday, Netflix rolled out a 12-episode first season that was, to put it gently, all over the place. “Bojack Horseman” is the definition of an acquired taste. It’s equal parts satire, sitcom and extremely dark psychodrama. If I had to describe this show in two words, it would be: “Excuse me?”

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