Where Have All the Good TV Dads Gone?


By Josh Axelrod

It’s easy to spot the worst dads on TV. They’re usually pretty in your face with their awful parenting techniques.

Let’s see, we have…

  • Tywin Lannister, who spawned three children that hate his guts. Two of his children started hooking up, which is frowned upon even in Westeros. Tywin also mercilessly berated poor Tyrion until he snapped and *Spoiler Alert* pumped a couple arrows into his father’s chest.
  • Don Draper, who only acted like a parent when he didn’t have a choice. He scarred poor Sally for life when she walked in on him screwing the neighbor’s wife.
  • Ted Mosby, who spent NINE YEARS telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, only to turn around and ask out their “Aunt” Robin. He wins my Creeper of the Year award.
  • Nicholas Brody, who brought death and destruction back with him from Afghanistan. To be fair, he might have been Father of the Year before he left for the Middle East, but, like Walter White, his actions since “Homeland” began leave much to be desired

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