PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, S5E12: ‘It’s all your fault’


By David Oliver

OK, I know I’ve complained a lot about “Pretty Little Liars,” but this episode proved to me why this show is still worth watching after all.

While it didn’t go bold enough to kill off one of the original liars, they killed off a CRUCIAL character (to find out, follow the jump).

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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS S5E8: ‘You’re always the problem’


By David Oliver

OK, so a little bit happened on #PLL this week – which is a giant change from the norm, so let’s appreciate that for a moment.


Since when are all these girls in choir? We know Aria can sing, but the rest? This seemed a little off, even for this show. Also, was that a Christmas carol? It’s July… Continue reading

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, S5E7: ‘You don’t know me at all’


By David Oliver

Yet again, nothing happened. Alas, it yet again took about 42 minutes to realize this. Let’s crack the coffin (is that a saying?) on this week’s #PLL:


Aha! Parents sort of exist. The writers even threw in a quick line reminding us she’s been in Texas with Emily’s father. She suddenly wants to throw a dinner together for Emily and her friends, especially Alison. This should be good – and it is. Spencer and Aria bail, but a vodka-wasted Hanna makes an awkward dinner even more awkward for Emily, Mrs. Fields and Alison. Later, Mrs. Fields says she had an inkling in retrospect that Emily had more than friendly feelings for  and gives her a warning about still keeping Alison’s secrets and keeping up with her story: “You don’t have to keep saving her.” She’s right, Ems. Emily leaves a voicemail for Paige and almost says I love you.  Continue reading