‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ S2E16: “The Wednesday Incident”


By Mina Haq

This week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Jake tries to solve the mystery of what has Captain Holt in such an awful mood, refusing to believe that he played any part in it, while Boyle struggles to convince Amy and Rosa that a seemingly sweet elderly man is responsible for a bank robbery.


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MASTERS OF SEX, S2E1: ‘It’s not such a bad thing, to be careful’


By David Oliver

Ahh, yes. “Masters of Sex” is back.


I know what you’re thinking, but this show isn’t for perverts. I mean, perverts could watch it, but it’s actually a very intimate drama (think “Mad Men”) surrounding the intricacies and personal ramifications of a sex study (think…well, you know). It’s the quiet, character-driven moments that really make this show the next, great cable drama. Its alarming Emmy snub is nothing short of a catastrophe.

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THE LEFTOVERS, S1E3: The Doctor Is Out


By Josh Axelrod

That’s more like it.

The First two episodes of “The Leftovers,” HBO’s ambitious new drama about the aftermath of two percent of the world’s population randomly disappearing, were intriguing but rough. The character introductions were confusing, their relationships were murky and the story was just generally all over the place. Continue reading