By David Oliver

Well, “Parks and Recreation” is over. And if you couldn’t tell by my Twitter feed, I’ve been pretty emotional about it. So emotional in fact, that I’ve decided to do something crazy. And Leslie Knope-like. Here I give you an acrostic poem devoted to my favorite comedy. Editor’s note: My roommates helped me emotionally get through this and offered suggestions.

“Parks and Recreation,” photo courtesy

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The Binge Diaries: How “The West Wing” Converted Me to The Church of Aaron Sorkin


By Carrie Blazina (Guest Writer) 

I finally started binge-watching “The West Wing” this summer after years of putting it off, and I am so glad I caved. A little more than two seasons in, I have become so invested in all of the characters. The show has changed the way I read and edit political stories as a journalist, and the way I pay attention to anything White House-related as a citizen of the United States. It’s also just plain funny and clever. Continue reading