Binge Central’s Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials


By Josh Axelrod 

That was one hell of a show. Every aspect of Super Bowl XLIX lived up to the hype, which is more than can be said for the walloping the Seahawks put on the Broncos last year. This year, the Hawks were beaten by Tom Brady’s Patriots in possibly the most heartbreaking football moment since the Titans came up one yard short in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Photo courtesy of ESPN

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MASTERS OF SEX, S2E6: ‘We don’t kiss’


By David Oliver

Well, well, well, we have a lot of ground to cover this go-round.


virginia lillian

Lillian (Julianne Nicholson) and Virginia (Lizzy Caplan), “Masters of Sex,” photo courtesy

“We don’t kiss,” Virginia says to Bill as the two are having sex again at the start of this steamy episode. Cut to Lillian getting a scan, with her doctor barely paying attention. “Your lack of interest is rather liberating actually.” Lillian is deteriorating – the doctor informs her she is going to suffer a slow, painful death and won’t even know what’s happening by the end. She tells Virginia she’s done with treatment. “We are not days away from curing metastatic cancer.” Virginia counters, “I don’t know how to not fight.” Virginia later opens up to Bill about her friendship with Lillian. “I didn’t see it coming. Her coming. I’m always so careful with people. I keep that wall up…She’s alone. And she’s my friend. And I don’t have a lot of those. And somehow Lillian snuck around the wall. She knows me.” Bill says, “I know you,” and the two kiss, bringing them apparently closer than ever…or so we think. Lillian instructs Virginia on some loose ends she needs taken care of and to tell her family she wants her body donated to science. Lillian opens up to her, “No one’s ever been in love with me though.” Virginia tucks her into bed and says, “I see the constellations in these freckles,” and kisses her. A sign of affection for her friend – something on a show about sex that is remarkably intriguing and meaningful. Unfortunately, off screen – and entirely not unpredictable – Lillian takes some sleeping pills with wine and kills herself. Virginia later finds her, calls 911 but hangs up, sits and begins processing what has happened. Continue reading

MASTERS OF SEX S2E5: ‘We don’t look the same but we are the same’


By David Oliver

Last week’s shocking ending was only the beginning for our beloved (?) characters on “Masters of Sex” this week.


Buell Green, the minority hospital isn’t exactly perfect for Bill – for the first time, he’s learning to share. And that includes the waiting room. But sharing isn’t easy for everyone, especially when one of Bill’s white patients starts a fight with another doctor’s black patient in the waiting room, causing a ruckus and leading to segregation. Side note: watching this unfold organically only reminds us of the horror this time was – and continues to be – for people who are perceived as “different.” Bill and Virginia discuss including black patients in the study. With patients leaving left and right, Bill wants to take the time to focus on the study – but his new boss has other intentions, encouraging Bill to call the patients and get them back: “you exposed the truth!” But why does he rip up the sex study flyer?! He may now be the worst character on the show. Oh wait… Continue reading