Big Bang Theory S8E5: “I’ll Make the Popcorn”


By Josh Axelrod 

We’ve seen set-ups like this a million times before on this show. The man-children and women will split up for an episode and go off to do their own respective things. In “The Focus Attenuation,” the man-children decided they needed a weekend to themselves to come up with the next big invention. The women decided this was an excellent opportunity to get schwasted in Vegas.

Photo courtesy of Glamour

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The Binge Diaries: How “The West Wing” Converted Me to The Church of Aaron Sorkin


By Carrie Blazina (Guest Writer) 

I finally started binge-watching “The West Wing” this summer after years of putting it off, and I am so glad I caved. A little more than two seasons in, I have become so invested in all of the characters. The show has changed the way I read and edit political stories as a journalist, and the way I pay attention to anything White House-related as a citizen of the United States. It’s also just plain funny and clever. Continue reading